The fastest open-source key value store in existence, now available in the cloud.

Comparing RonDB on AWS, Azure and GCP using Sysbench

RonDB 21.04.0 has integrated benchmark scripts to execute various benchmarks towards RonDB. We bring now the results of RonDB benchmark on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

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Announcing RonDB 21.10.1 beta release & 21.04.1 maintenance release

Today we are pleased to announce the release of two new RonDB; 21.10.1, a beta release of RonDB 21.10 with 4 new features and a maintenance release for 21.04.

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AI/ML needs a Key-Value store, and Redis is not up to it

RonDB shows higher availability and the ability to handle larger data sets in comparison with Redis, paving the way to be the fastest key-value store available.

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As a managed version, RonDB offers advanced technology with an intuitive user interface. Clusters can be launched in less than a minute and scale to hundreds of millions of operations per second. There is no managed database available today that can accomplish this.

In addition to the features needed for a high performance online feature store, RonDB also offers LATS: low Latency, high Availability, high Throughput, scalable Storage. The RonDB database is designed to be used as an online feature store providing unmatched key capabilities.

Throughput Sysbench results

Throughput results from the larger data nodes using 8-12 MySQL Server VMs. Find more information about the test in our article.

Sysbench evaluation

Automatic thread configuration

RonDB provides a configuration option, ThreadConfig, whereby the user can have full control over the assignment of threads to CPUs, how the CPU locking is to be performed and how the thread should be scheduled.

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Lightning fast

Bringing a new speed and database quality that has no competition, RonDB is best in class, and most performant key value store on the market today.