As researchers, we were the first to solve the very hard problem of building a scale-out metadata layer for a new type of distributed file system. By opening that Pandora’s box, new doors opened that enabled us to build a new generation of data and AI platform based around our scale-out metadata innovation.

We started Logical Clocks to bring our vision to the real-world outside of academia, where Data and AI should be easy to develop and operate - even when running at massive scale.

Our Vision is to provide a Data and AI platform to enable the discovery of trustworthy, actionable insights in data and easily design and apply AI solutions to complex problems.
Our Mission is to build the world’s most scalable, secure, reliable, efficient and human-friendly data-intensive machine learning platform to enable businesses to easily develop data and AI products that help their businesses thrive.


Winner of IEEE Scale challenge 2017 for HopsFS – 1.2m ops/sec
World’s first on-premises platform to support
scale-out GPUs-as-a-Resource
World’s first Open Source Feature Store for Machine Learning
World’s most scalable POSIX-like file system in the Cloud, with high availability
and 1.6m ops/sec
2020 - the world's first Managed Feature Store for ML in the Cloud