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End-to-end Deep Learning Pipelines with Earth observation Data in Hopsworks

In this blog post we demonstrate how to build such a pipeline with real-world data in order to develop an iceberg classification model.

Theofilos Kakantousis

VP of Product

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Using an External Python Kafka Client to Interact with a Hopsworks Cluster

Learn how to publish (write) and subscribe to (read) streams of events and how to interact with the schema registry and use Avro for data serialization.

Ahmad Al-Shishtawy

Guest Blogger

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Comparing RonDB on AWS, Azure and GCP using Sysbench

RonDB 21.04.0 has integrated benchmark scripts to execute various benchmarks towards RonDB. We bring now the results of RonDB benchmark on AWS, Azure, and GCP.

MLOps Wars: Versioned Feature Data with a Lakehouse

With support to Apache Hudi, Hopsworks Feature Store offers lakehouse capabilities to improve automated feature pipelines and training pipelines (MLOps).

Davit Bzhalava

Head of Data Science

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