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Logical clocks webinars and presentations on the Hopsworks Feature Store and other topics.

Manage your own Feature Store on Databricks with Hopsworks

Watch this demo to learn how to engineer your features on Databricks and publish them to Hopsworks Feature Store.

Feature Engineering with a Cloud-Native Feature Store with Hopsworks

Learn in depth about the benefits of a feature store to manage data for artificial intelligence and how you can use it as a managed platform on AWS.

Building a Feature Store around Dataframes and Apache Spark

We introduce Maggy, an open source platform that provides a new way of writing machine learning applications that reduce the burden on data scientists becoming distributed systems experts.

From Python to PySpark and Back Again Unifying Single host and Distributed Deep Learning with Maggy

We introduce an open-source framework Maggy that enables write-once training functions that can be reused in single-host Python programs and cluster-scale PySpark programs.

Hopsworks Feature Store for Kubeflow and On-Premises
Clusters (Hadoops)

The Hopsworks Feature Store is a platform for managing and serving features for machine learning that also integrates Kubeflow and On-Premises Clusters (Hadoop).

Hopsworks Feature Store for SageMaker

This webinar covers the main principles of a Feature Store, Hopsworks Feature Store and how it can be integrated with Amazon SageMaker with a short demonstration.

Managed Feature Store
for Machine Learning

During this video we explain in more detail the concept of a Feature Store. We show how the Feature Store can help manage feature data for Enterprises and ease the path of data from back-end systems and data-lakes to Data Scientists. We also go through our take on Feature Stores, including best practices

Hopsworks Feature Store integration for Databricks

In this webinar we cover the main principle of a Feature Store, what is Hopsworks Feature store and how it can be integrated with Databricks for feature engineering as a feature registry to create  train/test datasets for ML and to build feature vectors for online applications with low latency.

Hopsworks Feature Store for managing ML feature data

This webinar is about our take on Feature Stores, including best practices, use cases and how to ensure Consistent Features in both Training and Serving, Governance, Access-Control, and Versioning, Unified Online and Offline Storage- Feature Data Validation and much more!

Our upcoming webinar:

Solve Fraud Challenges with Graph Network and Deep Learning in Hopsworks
Wednesday, August 26th @8:00 PM CEST
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