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Written by
Mikael Ronström
Head of Data
July 29, 2021

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Announcing RonDB 21.10.1 beta release & 21.04.1 maintenance release

Today we are pleased to announce the release of two new RonDB releases.
The source code of RonDB is found in
RonDB information is found through the RonDB website

Documentation of RonDB is found at

RonDB 21.04.1 is a maintenance release of RonDB 21.04 that contains 3 new features and 18 bug fixes. RonDB 21.04 is a long-term support version that will be supported until 2024.RonDB 21.10.1 is a beta release of RonDB 21.10 that is based on RonDB 21.04.1 and contains an additional 4 features and 2 bug fixes. RonDB 21.10.1 improves throughput in the DBT2 benchmark by 70% compared to RonDB 21.04.1 and improves Sysbench benchmarks by about 10%.

Release Notes for 21.04.1 is found here.

Release Notes for 21.10.1 is found here.

You can download a binary tarball of RonDB 21.04.1 here.

You can download a binary tarball of RonDB 21.10.1 here.