Health Care & Pharmaceuticals

Providing an open-source horizontally scalable platform for the storage and processing of sensitive healthcare data, with a unique multi-tenant security model and support for the most advanced machine and deep learning software.
 Hopsworks for Health Care

Dynamic Role-based Access Control

Manage Projects like Github Repositories and share Datasets like Dropbox
Hopsworks provides a new GDPR-compliant security model for managing sensitive data in a shared data platform. Hopsworks’ security model is built around Projects, which are analogous to Github repositories. A project contains datasets, users, and programs (code). Sensitive datasets can be sandboxed inside a project, and users can be assigned roles that prevent them from exporting data from the project.

Commodity Hardware for Storage and Compute

Storing large volumes of data and processing that data with lots of compute and GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) can be an expensive undertaking. Hopsworks is typically installed on commodity hardware and even commodity GPUs can be used for low cost Deep Learning.

Governance & Compliance

Hopsworks is built for Enterprises. Read the Product sheet how it provides:
- TLS-Based Security
- Feature Store to ensure data quality and clean training data for ML models
- Notebooks in ML Pipelines
- Conda environments & Pip Libraries in Air-gapped deployments
 Hopsworks Product Sheet

Hopsworks at a glance

Award winning platform

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