New Feature Store coming to Google AI Platform

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New Feature Store coming to Google AI Platform

As part of the Google Cloud Next: OnAir series, Google announced that a managed Feature Store is coming to Google Cloud AI Platform. The AI Platform will be centered on Kubeflow and it will provide access to Google’s machine learning framework TensorFlow, its BigQuery data store and its cloud-based Tensor Processing Units.

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Editor’s Pick

Time-series chaos? Use a feature store

Toby Coleman discusses the usefulness of feature stores when applied to time-series problems such as forecasting.

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Why ML in production is (still) broken

Hamza Tahir shares his thoughts on the state of Machine Learning in production, and why it’s (still) broken.

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Making our Data Scientists and ML Engineers more Efficient

Vineet Kumar wrote a two part article on the concept of MLOps and the importance of feature stores for ML engineers.

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Upcoming Webinars & Events

ESA Φ-week - Building Scalable Distributed Deep Learning Models with Copernicus Data using Hopsworks

Φ-week is the annual Earth Observation event organised by ESA-EOP. This presentation will showcase how to build distributed deep learning models using Hopsworks for some of the sea/ice mapping tasks of the ExtremeEarth Polar Use such as iceberg identification and sea/ice classification using SAR images.

Program here


Solve Fraud Challenges with Graph Network and Deep Learning in Hopsworks

Watch this video to learn how deep learning (both supervised & unsupervised learning) and graph networks can increase anomaly detection rates and reduce costs associated with fraud and anti-money laundering.

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Collaborate on Cloud Pak for Data Using Feature Store: DSE Presents Chat with the Lab

IBM Jump on the Feature Store Bandwagon with DimStore. DimStore enables feature sharing and easy management on the Cloud Pak for Data platform.

Available on-demand here

PyData Fest Amsterdam 2020 - A feature Store for Machine Learning 

Feature Store enables end-to-end ML pipelines to be factored into feature engineering and data science stages that each can run at different cadences.

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Job Opportunities

Sr Software Engineer – ML Feature Store

Cortex is hiring a senior software engineer to join their ML Feature Store team in the USA.

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Engineering Manager - ML Platform

Etsy is looking for a new engineer to lead its ML Platform team to build its next-generation machine learning infrastructure.

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