Managed Feature Store for ML

Wednesday, April 29th 2020 @ 7:00PM CEST

Welcome to a live webinar on the topic of Managed Feature Store for Machine Learning.  All hyperscale AI companies (LinkedIn, Facebook, AiBnB, Microsoft, Google, etc) build their machine learning platforms around a Feature Store, and in this webinar we show you how the Feature Store can help manage feature data for Enterprises and ease the path of data from backend systems and data-lakes to Data Scientists. During the webinar, we will go through our take on Feature Stores, including best practices, use cases and:

  • How to ensure Consistent Features in both Training and Serving
  • Governance, Access-Control, and Versioning
  • Create Training Data in the File Format of your Choice
  • Eliminate Inconsistency between Features in Training and Inferencing
  • Feature Data Validation
  • On-Demand and Cached Features
  • Time Travel Queries for Features using Hudi/Hive
  • Rich Connectors to Databricks, Sagemaker, S3, JDBC/ODBC Sources and Sinks

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