Hopsworks 0.8.0 Released!

January 7, 2019

Introducing Hopsworks 0.8.0

Hopsworks 0.8.0 brings the latest features, improvements and bug fixes. It comes a short while after version 0.7.0 and brings the world’s first open-source feature store, a revamped REST API for managing jobs in Hopsworks and improvements in visualization for python notebooks.

Users can lookup detailed feature store documentation in the Hopsworks user guide as well as examples in our github repo.

You can get started with Hopsworks by visiting our getting started guide.

Release notes – Hopsworks – Version 0.8.0


  • [HOPSWORKS-688] – Remove the private key certificate from the truststore in YARN containers
  • [HOPSWORKS-845] – IllegalStateException in TensorBoardProxyServlet
  • [HOPSWORKS-850] – Experiments dashboard should be created when jobs service is added
  • [HOPSWORKS-851] – Convert .ipynb to .py uses wrong jupyter binary path
  • [HOPSWORKS-857] – Spark executor UI not displaying whe high number of executors
  • [HOPSWORKS-861] – Deep Learning demo shows “Jupyter not installed” on Jupyter page


New Feature


  • [HOPSWORKS-702] – Add python3 support for sparkmagic plotting with pyspark


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