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Spark, Flink, Kafka, Tensorflow as multi-tenant services from your UI.

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GPU Server Beta Program.


Next-Generation Hadoop

Performant, High availability, Open-source Data Platform.

GDPR Countdown
General Data Protection Regulation
Data driven organizations need to be ready for the European Union GDPR. Hopsworks helps you meet the needs of the GDPR for your Data assets.
2018/05/25 00:00:00
Automated Installation

Public, private cloud, an on-premise supported.


UI-driven Hadoop/Spark/Flink/Kafka with github-style projects.

True Multi-Tenancy

With Hopsworks, you don’t need a new cluster for every sensitive dataset or Kafka topic. Github-style projects isolate teams and their datasets/topics. Datasets/topics can be securely shared between projects, as in Dropbox.

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GPU Server Beta Program.