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Last week, Cloudera and Hortonworks merged to, in their words, “create the world’s leading next generation data platform provider, spanning multi-cloud, on-premises, and the Edge.” They predict the process of purging merging their stacks will take at least three years. Meanwhile, we at Logical Clocks provide you a complete next generation Hadoop-based stack right now, laser-honed for doing Data Science at scale.

The main consequence of Hortonworks being acquired merging with Cloudera is that a winner will need to be picked for all of their competing products. In particular, the metadata services for the two companies have almost no overlap – only the core HDFS, YARN, Spark, MapReduce, HBASE services will survive unscathed.

So, just like Banksy’s art shredder above was a bit of fun, we decided to speculate on the winners and show you what we Hopsworks has to offer in their stead:

Service Hortonworks Cloudera Hopsworks
Low-Latency SQL Druid Kudu (OLAP) MySQL Cluster (OLTP)
Access Control Ranger Sentry Project Model
Streaming Analytics Nifi Spark+Kafka Spark+Flink+Kafka
SQL-on-Hadoop Hive Impala Hive
Installation/Monitor Ambari Cloudera Manager Karamel+Hopsworks
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