Webinar: The Feature Store for Machine Learning

Dec 10th, 2019. 12:30 PM - 13:30 PM (PST)

The Hopsworks Feature Store is a storage and compute platform for managing, discovering, and sharing feature data for machine learning. It integrates seamlessly with popular platforms for Data Science, such as AWS Sagemaker, Databricks, on-premise Hadoop data lakes, and cloud-based data lakes based on S3.

This webinar will go through our take on Feature Stores, including best practices, use cases and:

  • How to ensure Consistent Features in both Training and Serving
  • Governance, Access-Control, and Versioning
  • Create Training Data in the File Format of your Choice
  • Unified Online and Offline Storage
  • Feature Data Validation
  • On-Demand and Cached Features
  • Time Travel Queries for Features using Hudi/Hive
  • Rich Connectors to S3, Hadoop, JDBC/ODBC Sources and Sinks

Dec 10th, 2019. 12:30 PM - 13:30 PM (PST)

Our CEO, Dr. Jim Dowling, will lead this webinar.

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